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2017 - The Year Of Change

When I finished my fall semester this year I immediately began to make a list. What was I going to spend my break doing? Getting my website up and running was a huge priority, but I also have felt the need to get back into filming. I need to pick up my camera and start refining my practice.

So, what steps have I started to build to accomplish that? Well, I'm looking into upgrading my camera, but I can't decide. Do I follow the path of Pentax? Or do I walk down the Sony road? The camera will come soon, and hopefully after that Vlogs.

Vlogs are something I've kept in mind as a future project, and something I've tried out a few times. But its never really worked because my camera doesn't auto focus well, and I can't see my frame. Most importantly I think doing a daily vlog would refine my style, build a faster editing workflow, and help be become a more creative storytelling. Because lets be honest. Im garbage at screenwriting.

Hopefully there will be more updates soon (in vlog style!)

Much love,


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